• Frances Wilson

Homeschooling Blues

Hello my beautiful readers. As you can gather from the tittle, today's post will be about HOMESCHOOLING!

Whether we were thrown into it (virtual learning) because of RONA, or we chose to exclusively homeschool (no help from the district), we ALL have some stories to share! Am I right?

I am a little of both. My teens, I have 2 (helppp me), are doing virtual learning. So all I really have to do is make sure they are up and feed them. Seems easy right? uuhhhh NO! And then there's my 7 year old second grader. She is strictly homeschool. This is my first year ever homeschooling and so far it is going ok! (heelllpp me).

Technically I was thrown into both situations. In Buffalo's school district, all the students are learning virtually at the moment, so really couldn't do much about that. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids being home and away from RONA, she's nothing but trouble. As for my second grader, her father and I decided to try homeschooling. We felt that she could learn better with one on one attention. So now not only do we co-parent we co-teach. More like he's the principal and I'm the teacher.

So what keeps me from saying "I quit. Well for one, I can't. I'm afraid this is the life I chose when I had kids. Had to get that out of the way. With the teens, as I mentioned previously, for the most part I make sure they are up and I feed them. Why do I say for the most part? My senior pretty much get up on her own and get started no problem. My sophomore is another story. getting him up and signed into homeroom is like puling teeth. But once he is up, and with a little motherly motivation, he is good (with lots of complaining).

With my second grader, I find that when I get her lesson plan out in advance my life runs smoother. It also helps that she spends the beginning of her school week with her father. So I am able to decompress a little and get ready for her school week. I also started allowing only 20 mins for each subject. I find that she understands and retain the information a lot better, and I'm pulling out less of my hair. I also make sure I add some fun into her day. As she tells it, I take the fun out of school! When was school fun? I must have missed them years.

To say the least, I am bit overwhelmed. But it is also rewarding. I get to focus on my second graders weak areas and watch her flourish. I get to spend more time with my teens helping them to continue becoming the amazing young adults they are. Even though the get on my nerves. my kids are pretty awesome and sometimes make my homeschooling blues a little less blue.

Now its time to hear from you. What are some of your homeschool blues?

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