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Plan to get Sticky

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I know its been a while since I wrote a post, so I thought I would get a little personal.

So here we go...

Ever since I could remember, I always dealt with depression, I am talking before my teen years. Being diagnosed with S.L.E did not help the situation. My depression has gotten worse. Even tho depression is a symptom of lupus, mostly everything that comes along with lupus can make you depressed. Ya kinda stuck! So, you have to make to a choice, let the lupus and depression control you or you can learn to control it. I decided to control it well, mostly. So that is what today’s post is going to be about. One of the ways I try and control my depression.

So, as you guys already know I love crafting. Whether it‘s sewing, crochet, using my circuit, etc. I love the world of crafting. One of my good friends introduced me to a different type of crafting . Planners and Stickers. Yes, you read that right! Planning, well more the planners and stickers then the actual planning part. My friend makes these beautiful lay outs in her planner using stickers. Here are a few of her layouts below.

Beautiful right! When I first heard her say how it’s so relaxing, I was like really? How????

Now, do not get me wrong, I have used planners and stickers before, but nothing like this. There is a WHOLE world of planning, planners, and stickers. I was totally surprised of how much a trend planning is. Don’t believe me? Google planners or go on Pinterest or even YouTube.

There are these planners called Happy Planner (you guys probably already heard of these, since I’m late to the planning party), they are beautiful. (I am not getting paid to mentioned them, just LOVE their planners). They have a unique binding that helps you to change out the paper with ease. You can do so much with these. You can even build your own planner!!! So, my friend, you know the one I mentioned got me into planning, she bought a few and she gave me one. And I’m excited!!! OH, and I learned how to make stickers. So YAYYY! Me.

You may be asking, so what do your newfound hobby and depression have to do with each other? So glad you asked.

Well for one, making my on stickers allow me to express myself. Making stickers to look and say what I want, helps me to capture my personality. And doing a lay out or planning out my week using the stickers is very relaxing. Here is two of my weekly lay outs.

These are not the stickers I've made. I also buy stickers and print them out! These stickers are stickers I purchased from an Etsy buyer TralalaStickers I am not getting paid for this mention, but I do I believe in giving credit where credit is due and supporting small business.

Now its time to hear from you. Have you ever tried this type of planning? And Do you deal with depression? If so, what are some things that help you cope?

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