• Frances Wilson

Positives of Coronavirus...

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Ok, please don't cancel me just yet.

Since the first mention of Coronavirus, nothing but negativity has filled the world, we see it all over the news and right in our very own homes. So why am I talking about positivity and Rona (Coronavirus)? Can you even use those two words together? Corona and positive! Yes you can. Let me explain!

Just like you and everyone else in the world, this pandemic have brought nothing but sadness, depression, anxiety, loneliness.... (you get it) to me and my family. I deal with depression and anxiety on a regular basis, even before Rona reared her ugly head. So I had to make a choice, let our new normal make me worse off mentally, or make the best out of this unavoidable situation. I choose the latter.

I used this time to draw closer to God, my children and to learn a few new skills. Lets take those one at a time.

  1. Drawing closer to God. I've been trying my best to use this situation to draw ever closer to god by relying on him through this tough time. And I can honestly say that by fully relying on him, my faith have gotten stronger. I am no where near rich or even well off, but through this pandemic, me and my children have not went hungry (physical nor spiritual) and we are not homeless. Positive number one!

  2. Getting closer to my children. Since we were force to shelter in place during this pandemic, me and my kids tried to make the best out of it. we try and spend more time together by playing games, watching movies, crafting together, etc. We even started a YouTube channel

  3. Learning a new skill. I got a sewing machine and went to you tube and taught myself how to sew. I think I've gotten pretty good. You know i always said, "you can learn how to do open heart surgery from You Tube lol. I also purchased a Cricut and learned a few things to do using that. From the crafts i learned, I was able to make a little pocket change.

So now do you see what I mean when I say "The positives of Coronavirus..."? It is so easy for us to let ourselves get sad and depressed because of the times we are facing, and no one can blame us if we do, because 2020 have been bad. But we can surprise people and ourselves and look to the positives of Coronavirus!

What are some of your positives of Rona? Comment below!

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